Atatürk Biyografi İngilizce Fiziksel Özellikleri Vikipedi

Atatürk'ün biyografisini ingilizce olarak sizler için paylaşmak istedik. Ayrıca yazımızın devamında yine İngilizce Atatük fiziksel özellikleri de mevcut.  
Ataturk Biography Great leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk was born in Salonika, Ottoman Empire, His Birth date May 19, 1881. At Dolmabahçe  Place. His fathers name Ms. Ali Rıza and mothers name Mrs. Zübeyde. He was start studying in local school,

Atatürk heigth 1.74 cm. Atatürk was about 70-75 kg. weight.  He had big beautiful blue eyes. He was blond. He had healthy golden hair and pointed straight nose. He was well-groomed and handsome. Also very smart and hardworking.

He had broud forehead, raised and thick eyebrows. His lips were thin and his cheekbones were slightly high. His upper lip was thicker than lower lip. He had broad shoulders. His hands were thin and graceful habing smooth nails. He was a irreplaceable leader prescient. He died 57 aged in 10 November 1938 by cirrhosis disease.Now he resting in Anıtkabir, Ankara.